It is situated between Chinari (AJK) and Uri (IHK) on main Mzd-Srinagar road and was a natural pass for the local people. The terminal at Chakothi was constructed in June 11, on 28 Kanals of land, comprising of main building, staff living and sheds. It has all the allied facilities to include offices , sitting /waiting hall , Mosque , washrooms , search room etc  with sufficient space inside the building as well as outside to accommodate the travelers inside and smooth loading / unloading of trucks outside the main building, in the sheds constructed for the purpose. It is the first crossing point where travel started between AJK and IHK on 07 April 2005, followed by trade activities being conducted since 21 October 2008 as per MOUs. Having a central position, the terminal is visited quite often by tourists / visitors and travelers as well as traders of both sides of Kashmir. This point is used for both travel and trade activities.