It is decided during the Joint Working Group Meetings. Both sides authorities meet on three monthly basis to address the concerns of each other, improve the methodology. The administrative improvements are addressed at the regulating authority and conceptual improvements are addressed by the Joint Working Group. The travel MOU signed in 2005 and its present shape is as a result of mutual interaction and revised MOUs from two to three. The details are:-

(1)     Only Kashmiries can travel across the LoC.

(2)     During the visit on either side they will restrict themselves to the Kashmir boundaries.

(3)     Maximum 60 fresh passenger can cross from either side.

(4)     Allowed only after a process of security clearance from either side.

(5)     Processing should take about 45 days, however generally it takes minimum three months.

(6)     Permit is issued for:-

(i)      45 days stay, single entry and will travel immediately, however maximum within one year.

(ii)    45 days stay, triple entry can travel three times within a year.

(7)     Travel takes place at three points i.e. Chakothi, Tetrinote and Chilliana.

(8)     Travel takes place on every Monday at Chakothi and Tetrinote, however on fortnightly basis on Thursday at Chilliana.

(9)     Travelers can carry an amount at a ratio of $ 50/- per day for their usual expenditures and 50 kilograms of luggage for exchange of gifts with their relatives on either side.

(10)  4 weeks stay is allowed, but can be extended with prior permission for upto 2 weeks in special cases.

(11)  During September to April people from Chilliana are being facilitated at Chakothi Crossing Point due to hard climatic condition.

(12)  Local populace of Kotli and Hajira is being facilitated at Tetrinote Crossing Point.