1. Bus moves from TATA Head Office to Chakothi at 0900 hours, so the passengers have to reach at 0800 hours.
  2. A list of passengers is prepared vide the permits.
  3. A complete scan of passengers’ baggage is done manually and by means of scanning machine too.
  4. Passengers are taken to the Kaman Bridge by bus, while their luggage is loaded on a separate vehicle.
  5. Exchange of passengers’ list is done at Kaman Bridge by TFOs of either side.
  6. After receiving passengers’ list from across, all IHK passengers are scanned according to the list.
  7. Passengers are allowed to approach their destinations by host’s vehicles or own arrangements. Whereas a bus is also available to carry on their journey.
  8. To meet security measures, bus cann’t have a pause anywhere before reaching the TATA Head Office.

Tetrinote and Chillihana

  1. The process is same as at Chakothi, although the bussing facility is not available.