• Nine copies to be filled by each applicant.
  • One original copy plus 8 photocopies duly filled by each applicant to be submitted after pasting photographs in the space provided.
  • The maximum permissible baggage per passengers is 50 Kgs With dimension not exceeding 1.5×1.5×1.5 feet. Rs. 50/- per Kg will be charged upto 100 Kgs. More than 100 Kgs not allowed.
  • All application forms should be filled clearly and easily readable.
  • Incomplete / incorrectly filled form in any aspect is liable to be rejected.
  • Photographs be pasted on form with gum stick instead of stappling.
  • Separate application forms for infants should also be submitted.
  • Specimen of application form can be downloaded from the relavant tab.
  • After security clearance from either side, booking can be requested by the passenger on visit or by phone No. 05822-924106.
  • Ticket must be obtained within two days of booking, otherwise booking will be treated as cancelled.
  • After booking, ticket can be obtained from TATA (Travel Section) on submission of bus fare / receipt from Askari Bank. Bus fare can also be deposited to Askari Bank Account No. 1650501262.
  • Tickets once purchased will not be transferred to any person, however it can be returned to Travel Section in term of 50% deduction.
  • In case of cancellation of journey, the applicant must request latest by Friday.
  • All passengers must reach at TATA Head Office for further proceeding at Chakothi latest by 0800 hrs. Bus will depart at 0900 hrs.
  • Passengers will be seen off by their relatives outside of the Terminal.
  • Following items will be prohibited to carry with:-
    1. Computer Data Storage.
    2. Mobile Phone / Memory Card / SIM Card.
    3. Still / Movie Camera.
    4. Pictures of Uniformed Persons / Sensitive Areas.
    5. Maps / Documents about security / Sensitive Material.
    6. Metallic Boxes.