1. In 2008, an agreement took place between Pakistan and India to start Cross LoC Trade. This was second step as CBMs (Confidence Building Measures).
  2. In October 2008, trade started from Chakothi and Tetrinote.
  3. Initially to conduct trade, responsibility was given to civil administration and staff was pooled from different organizations.
  4. In 2009, proper Travel and Trade Authority was established exclusively to look after travel and trade affairs.
  5. Two days in a week were fixed for the trade. Now it has been extended to four days a week.
  6. Trade is based on Barter System (i.e. things versus things)
  7. Restricted to 21 items only (details of trade items can be found in the “Trade” Tab).
  8. Products of Kashmir can be traded by Kashmiries only.
  9. Loading / unloading at the terminals and immediate / same day return of trucks from terminals on both sides.
  10. The checks are carried out / scanning of baggage / luggage takes place as at any airport to ensure that no unauthorized / Contraband item is traded in / out. However, during checks, it is ensured that ego and self respect is maintained at all costs.