Process of Application.

  1. Application Form can be downloaded directly from relevant tab as well as obtained from TATA Head Office or relevant Districts (without any fee) i.e.

(1)     Office of the Deputy Commissioner Kotli

(2)     Office of the Deputy Commissioner Rawalakot

  1. Once filled, application forms can be submitted directly in TATA Head Office or above mentioned District Administration Offices.
  2. Form Processing Fee can be deposited in form of cash directly in TATA Head Office or in Askari Bank Account No. 1650501262 and receipt should be submitted in Travel Section, Head Office TATA.
  3. Form processing fee will be as under:-

(1)       Rs. 200/- for Triple Entry (Chakothi & Tetrinote).

(2)       Rs. 100/- for Single Entry (Chillihana).

  1. After completion of above process, if cleared from either side, a permit will be issued to the applicant for traveling across.
  2. Bus Fare (return) for Chakothi will be as under.

(1)       Infants                                   —–                 Free

(2)       2 to 12 yrs                            —–                 Rs. 500/-

(3)       Above 12 yrs                      —–                 Rs. 1000/-